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5 Year Old Daughter Purchases $104.99 App From App Store

Parent Tip: Password protect the app store.

5 Comments to 5 Year Old Daughter Purchases $104.99 App From App Store

  1. That’s why I don’t keep a card on file anywhere.

  2. netjnke on October 23rd, 2013
  3. Who left a 5 year old unsupervised with an iPad? Pay attention to your kid, don’t let Apple babysit them.

  4. Den1369 on October 24th, 2013
  5. That’s why I put a block on apps that charge on my phone.

  6. Kate on October 24th, 2013
  7. Expensive lesson. :)

  8. Nonono on October 24th, 2013
  9. Any parent that gives their child their phone or tablet to play with, you fucking deserve to have this happen to you.

  10. Caitlin on October 28th, 2013

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