Kyle sent in this recording of his mother-in-law leaving a very nasty message on the family answering machine. The reason? Their daughter was misbehaving and was grounded, therefore she could not attend a family dinner(in what appears to be memorium for a deceased brother). Good luck winning whatever custody battle you think you have after this psychotic episode.

Voicemail Transcipt:

You f$^king inconsiderate, selfish b!tch!
I am getting a lawyer…Im getting a lawyer, and I will see E***********
And I can’t believe that you’re gonna do this- it’s not about fun and who gives a shit if its there…
If its somebody that she’s not gonna be around that she can’t be around its me, its your brothers, its– UUGH!
You f$^king bitch! I’m getting a lawyer and you’re going to be sorry!
This is for Cory, this is for your- dead- brother! And you’re not letting her go because she took an attitude and didn’t wanna listen?!
What shes doing is because she hasn’t seen me, you’re so fucking stupid!
Im getting a lawyer and Im fucking getting that kid one way or the other.
I can’t believe that you’re not going to let her go over to Ma’s to have dinner and cake.
You’re gonna fucking pay for this…you’ll FUCKING pay for this, Amanda!

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