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Arm Carving or Paint?

The sad thing is, with Beliebers you never know.

11 Comments to Arm Carving or Paint?

  1. UGH! i hope she realizes how dumb she was when she’s 30!

  2. rae on September 19th, 2012
  3. This just makes me so sad for this person. I wish I could hug her and tell her she is worth more than this painful foolishness.

  4. KIDSthesedays! on September 19th, 2012
  5. Loony, just like Aiken’s “Claymates” – PSYCHOTIC! LOL!!

  6. Scott on September 19th, 2012
  7. I am disturbed by this and it makes me weep for the future.

  8. caty on September 19th, 2012
  9. So much pain in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DeDe on September 20th, 2012
  11. dumbass

  12. figureitoutiwonttellmynamelol on September 22nd, 2012
  13. I hope to God that’s paint, otherwise she belongs in the nuthouse. Hell, she belongs in the nuthouse anyway!

  14. braufrau on September 23rd, 2012
  15. Eeeash. I feel so horrible about this pic. She’s obviously some young gal with some esteem issues. I hope she overcomes self mutilation.

  16. Shan on September 27th, 2012
  17. this girl has major issues, so sad to see this going on, this looks like it was done a few days before taking this picture and the JB I L parts are gonna scar for good, hope she knows what bio oil is in the future

  18. mother of 4 on September 27th, 2012
  19. Okay, this was done for attention because she is a dumbass. How do I know? I’m a former cutter. It is bad, I know, and I don’t need any speeches about it. Also, I’m going to school for psychology, so I kind of know what she was thinking. She may have some self esteem issues, sure. But that’s not why she did this. True cutters, who are not intending to kill themselves but don’t know better ways to relieve inner pain, will cut in places that no one will ever see. You’re best friend, your neighbor, your brother. All of them may be cutting and you may never know, why? Because they don’t want you to. She not only did it huge on her arm, but she took pictures and posted them online. And for what? Justin Bieber? Maybe she’s hoping he’ll see it and contact her, maybe she’s trying to get back at someone who hurt her. I don’t know. What I do know, is this wasn’t done to relieve inner pain. No matter how bad it is. Don’t feel sad for her, she’s a dumbass.

  20. Teenage Experience on September 28th, 2012

  22. whiteysux on October 7th, 2012

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