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Mother of three uses incredibly creative thinking to get away from her abusive boyfriend

pizza-hut-800Above is a receipt that may have saved the life of a mother and her three children on Monday afternoon. Cheryl Treadway of Avon Park, Florida, used the Pizza Hut app on her phone to order a pepperoni pizza and to ask the pizza makers to place a 911 call on her behalf.

Her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, allegedly held Treadway and her children hostage for hours before finally agreeing to allow her to order a pizza for the family. He took the phone from her immediately when she finished placing the order, but he was not aware the police had been alerted until they were approaching the house. Authorities managed to get Treadway and one of her children out, and after a 20 minute stand-off in which Nickerson was holding a knife and saying he wasn’t coming out to go to jail, he surrendered.


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KARMA: Teacher denies impregnating student, DNA test proves he’s the father of the baby and the student.

tumblr_lgzkmzcwf01qetrcp“I didn’t know he was my dad. I just knew him as my teacher until I fell pregnant. It was when he asked for DNA tests that we both found out we were related. I was shocked and wouldn’t have made it if my family hadn’t supported me,” said Nxumalo, the daughter/mother.

Alfred Mokoena, the father/grandfather of the situation says “I took advantage of my daughter because she was my pupil and respected me as her educator. She was young and was supposed to believe whatever I said to her. I am sorry for the fact that I didn’t even bother to look for her all these years while I knew I had a child who lived not so far away from where I live,”

Read the full story here.

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