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Since when has birthday cake transitioned to birthday ice cream? On a side note, ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen are the business!

19 Comments to HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Best. Cake. EVER. o.o

  2. Natasha on May 17th, 2012
  3. Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are gross. Low quality ice cream and poorly made. Coldstone Creamery ice cream cupcakes….serious smack for the discerning ice cream addict in your life.

  4. AlfaCowboy on May 17th, 2012
  5. I agree Alfa – they do taste like shit. Just had to put that out there….

  6. Bob on May 17th, 2012
  7. DQ Cakes for the WIN! The cookie crumble…the smoooooth softserve…dangit, I want one…

  8. Curtieson on May 17th, 2012
  9. Maybe the kid doesn’t like cake. We have a few in our family that would just rather have the ice cream as well. ;)

  10. Trish on May 17th, 2012
  11. Um no… Carvel cake is the sh!t!! Fudgy the whale, cookie puss anyone??

  12. JenLee on May 17th, 2012
  13. Since my birthday is right after valentine’s day, we always get a chocolate-cherry ice cream cake from DQ…it’s the bomb!

  14. ES on May 17th, 2012
  15. The brand of the icecream is called HOOD ha ha

  16. leo on May 17th, 2012
  17. maybe they are poor!! Props to the parents for doing something special for their kid on his birthday, I’d say he’s lucky since most parents dont give hoot about their kids birthdays these days!!

  18. Heather on May 17th, 2012
  19. I agree with Trish,maybe he does’nt like cake,we are not big cake eaters in our house.

  20. DeDe on May 17th, 2012
  21. Bob….how DO you know what shit tastes like?

  22. Dan on May 17th, 2012
  23. Lucky kid, hope that’s his half gallon all to himself.

  24. vomit knife on May 18th, 2012
  25. I agree with Trish and DeDe. My husband loves sugar cream pie and I put candles on one for him last year for his birthday.

  26. Bird on May 18th, 2012
  27. I hope that the kid really doesn’t like cake and not the parents being cheap enough to ruin his birthday. If no money was the case,then they could have saved it to buy him a cake..I feel really sorry for him if that was the case.

  28. angela on May 19th, 2012
  29. I doubt it’s a money issue. It costs around $5 for the ingredients to bake a cake (boxed cake mix, frosting, eggs, oil). The kid probably wanted a whole thing of ice cream for his birthday. I would take ice cream over cake any day.

  30. Dana Scully on May 21st, 2012
  31. Maybe he has an allergy?

  32. Beth on May 23rd, 2012
  33. Maybe he has a gluten intolerance. As for poverty…’saving up’ is a hard thing to do when you’re poor, because you have so many needs for the small amount you have. There ARE people who DO have to make a choice between ice cream, cake, and present. Let’s not blame them for ‘spoiling’ their child’s birthday.

  34. Jessica on May 26th, 2012
  35. Parents these days go way overboard for their kids birthdays anyway. He will look back fondly thinking of his ice cream “cake” while Billy Shitpants totally forgets about his 10 ft tall cake with a clown dancing around it. Poverty creates better memories.

  36. Bob on June 4th, 2012
  37. Dan – I know what shit tastes like because your mother told me all about it. She can take a log just like that.

  38. Bob on June 4th, 2012

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