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Hookah Party


8 Comments to Hookah Party

  1. That’s just how we niggas is, gotta teach da chirrens smoke DAT green.

  2. mammy on December 3rd, 2013
  3. Good parenting… the parents are only letting him smoke weed now,
    he isn’t allowed to smoke Crack until he’s 10

  4. Joey BadaBing on December 3rd, 2013
  5. I once tried to light a fart that didn’t come out, and this is exactly what happened to me.

  6. BB on December 3rd, 2013
  7. nice what fing idiots … don’t we have enough deadheads without starting them out that young …. can’t take stupid out of a dumbass

  8. UDUMBASS on December 3rd, 2013
  9. monkey see monkey do! it takes a ghetto to raise a child.

  10. loki on December 4th, 2013
  11. PHOTOSHOP people

  12. bubbles beauregard on December 4th, 2013
  13. Not photoshop, Bubbles.

  14. Brandon on December 9th, 2013
  15. Let’s start him out with bad habits and emphysema early in life. Where is cps when you need them.

  16. Momsfedup on December 13th, 2013

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