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How To Win A Divorce

She might have the house, truck and half your pay cheque.. but let her know you’re using her wedding dress as hunting camo and you’ll have won.

6 Comments to How To Win A Divorce

  1. WINNING!!!

  2. amy on November 29th, 2012
  3. Sarah Palin’s reception.

  4. Scott on November 29th, 2012
  5. Be Vewy Vewy qwuiet
    I’m Gwoom hunting

  6. Joey BadaBing on November 30th, 2012
  7. I was personally be mortified if I had a husband who could fit into my wedding dress…

  8. Kayla on November 30th, 2012
  9. Would*

  10. Kayla on November 30th, 2012
  11. His ex must’ve had some shoulders on her!

  12. Cavguy on February 26th, 2013

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