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Crazy Lady Changes Diaper On Clothing At Old Navy

What’s worse, this or potty training at the table in a restaurant? Vote in our poll below!

Which is the bigger parenting fail?

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Thanks, Mom



“My mom made matching ties for me and my cat for Christmas.”

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Ms. Dactyl



I think this guy may be her uncle…

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In The News: 15 Year Old Eats Her Tampon For Youtube

Giovanna Plowman
Pictured above is Giovanna Plowman, the 15 year old girl who is currently rising to internet fame for eating her own tampon. In a video that has since been taken down from YouTube, but has already gone viral with celebrities like Waka Flocka Flame retweeting it, Giovanna has now become the victim of online bullying.

Giovanna Plowman1
Above are screen captures of her celebrating her new fame, but it’s believed Giovanna is now regretting her decision as insults and fake suicide reports now follow her name across the internet. You can find the full article, as well as a link to the video if you dare watch it, in this article.

Submitted by Kayla

Awkward Photos, Child UN-Safety Seat, In The News, Parent Fail, Proud Family, Random, Shocking, Video, WTF Photo, WTF Video

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