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Pictured above is a 10 year old girl from Central Pakistan, scarred from acid that had been thrown in her face. This type of assault is common in Pakistan, with thousands suffering the same fate each year. Including Anvu Sha, a 15 year old recently murdered by her parents in this “honour style” killing. Her crime? Talking to a boy. Her parents told hospital workers their daughter tried to commit suicide, but when they wouldn’t let the rest of the family see the face of the deceased girl at the funeral, the eldest sister grew suspicious. Continue reading to check out the entire, shocking, news story.. › Continue reading

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Baby Squats

Yeah I can babysit and get my swoll on at the same time. It’s called multitasking bitch!

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SHOCKING: Mix Up At The Hospital

That or she had one hell of an interesting delivery.

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The Abortion Costume: Beast Mode

Nothing screams “couple costume” like a doctor ripping an angel out of a nun with a coathanger.

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