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In The News: 12 Year Old Sues Parents

Pictured left is Mary Carberry, 36, the mother of Faith Carberry, pictured right. Faith has decided to sue her mother (and father), through her grand-father, for Mary’s decision to drive drunk back in 2007. A decision that ultimately cost the lives of two young people, Faith’s 6 year old sister Ava, and Faith’s 9 year old friend Michaela Logan. The other occupants of the car; Mary, Faith and Michaela’s brother John survived, with injuries. Spinal injuries to Faith kept her in a cast for 10 weeks, as well as 3 months therapy dealing with the loss of her sister and friend. Mary, driving on a suspended license for two previous DUI charges, was driving a BMW Faith’s father had bought for Mary. He claims he expected someone else, who was licensed and insured, would be driving the family around. Click here to read the full news story..

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This Little Piggy



“Not sure why my mom had us dress up like this for a picture, but it seems my sister (the pig) got the shit end of the stick.”

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Punk’s Not Dead

It went to outer space.

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High School Memories

Some things were just meant to be forgotten.

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