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Come At Me Bro

$20 says this happened in New York or New Jersey…any takers?

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Clowning Around

I’ve seen horror films that have started out like this.

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Bath Time

Hell yeah little man. Sitting in dirty water is for bitches.

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“I’m Pregnant With My Dad’s Baby”

Do a google search for “Penny Lawrence” or “Garry Ryan” and you’ll turn up the story of a 28 year old who went searching for a father she’d never met after her mother and grandparents had passed away. Upon meeting, the two felt a sexual attraction to each other and persued that relationship. Attributing their feelings to a syndrom called “Genetic Sexual Attraction” – seen in family members who meet for the first time as adults and have a not so platonic love for each other. Now, Penny’s pregnant and fear they may be torn apart by the law. Is this disgusting, or do you support their relationship? Check out the entire story after the jump and vote in our poll below!

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<strong>Click here for the full news story</strong>

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