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Taking A Smoke Break


6 Comments to Taking A Smoke Break

  1. So where is CPS when you *really* need them? This is disgusting.

  2. Lady Anne on January 3rd, 2014
  3. Settle down, Beavis! The cigarette in the kid’s mouth isn’t even lit! Remember the golden rule: MYOB (mind your own business)

  4. Omegaman on January 4th, 2014
  5. This isn’t in the United States. Look at the type of plug on the wall. Still, where ever in the world this is, it’s still inexcusable.

  6. queenb on January 4th, 2014
  7. White trash!!

  8. Bud on January 4th, 2014
  9. maybe Europa, but they appear as gypsy.

  10. loki on January 5th, 2014
  11. You Americans are weak! In Russia, we start the cigarette when we just infant, have vodka in baby bottle and wrestle Grizzly Bear for birthday five!

  12. Vladmir on January 6th, 2014

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