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Awkward Family Photos

To me, there’s nothing really funny about raping a baby. Unless it’s a dead baby joke, and even then it’s risky.

20 Comments to Awkward Family Photos

  1. all blacks are nasty like this they lack morals,educations and appreciation for others yet they think they deserve respect! and im sure our tax money payed for everything in that shitty apartment and the rent to.

  2. magmin on October 19th, 2012
  3. That comment is horrible. Trashy knows no color! Just as many white trash/rednecks out there that would do the exact same thing.

  4. Amanda K on October 19th, 2012
  5. You are right on Amanda K! Trashy knows no colour! We have a lot of trashy white folk right here in my small town! Such a shame!

  6. Sue on October 19th, 2012
  7. What animals!!! By forceing negroes on the humans, they have brought down the white race. Sir Loin, I think we have found your daddy!!!

  8. loki on October 19th, 2012
  9. Loki, aren’t you supposed to be imprisoned in Asgard right now?

  10. Kinseth on October 19th, 2012
  11. Nigger parenting at it’s finest. WE SHOULD HAVE PICKED OUR OWN COTTON!
    You are 58% more likely to be raped by a nigger than any other species…FBI STATISTIC….look it up!

  12. Nonignogs on October 19th, 2012
  13. I think i’ve lost even more faith in humanity after reading some of the comments here. They are a bit more shocking than the photo itself.

  14. appaled on October 20th, 2012
  15. Hopefully, when he gets arrested, as is almost guaranteed judging by the level of intelligence it took to take and post this sort of picture, someone will have the decency to post the same type of photo of him and his cellmate doing the same pose – minus the bottle.

  16. Z on October 20th, 2012
  17. @Kinseth – Loki’s actually suppose to be trapped in a cave where a snake constantly drips venom on his head, bound by the intestines of his own slaughtered sons.

    I actually find it weird that this racist, homophobic troll uses the name of a Norse god known for doing things like changing himself into a mare, having sex with a stallion, and giving birth to an 8 legged horse. Loki, Norse God Of Mischief and gender-bending furry.

  18. Jami on October 21st, 2012
  19. I thought I damned loki to the deepest pit of hell to be anal raped with a pineapple?

  20. Ash on October 21st, 2012
  21. Not all blacks are bad. Jeez racist much.

  22. Blaze on October 22nd, 2012
  23. Well said, Jami. Perhaps my work here is done. P.S. Loki, when oh when, will you EVER learn to spell?!!! There is no “e” in forcing. The rest of us learned that in second grade.

  24. Sir Loin on October 22nd, 2012
  25. That is fucking gross. I don’t give a damn if it’s his baby or if he’s black or white, he is disgusting. Cut his dick off before he does it for real.

  26. Sarah on October 22nd, 2012
  27. Didn’t that dude in Alabama just get 2 years in prison for doing this exact thing to an adult at a football game?

  28. Rock on October 22nd, 2012
  29. Who left the cage door open at the zoo?

  30. Red Raider on October 22nd, 2012
  31. and black people want to know why they still look at badly.

  32. dave on October 22nd, 2012
  33. I doesn’t see anythang rong with this pictur. I jus see a brother with a botle feedin his babe.

  34. Shaneeka on October 23rd, 2012
  35. Wow, R. Kelly’s got some serious competition.

  36. Hibiscus on November 7th, 2012
  37. He is not the only messed up parent! There must be a person behind the camera to.. proberly the fuckd up mom..

  38. Thor on April 6th, 2013
  39. Shaneega, are you fucking blind as well as stupid?

  40. Donna on July 25th, 2013

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