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“Dad Is Dead, You’re Next. Love, Moth”


7 Comments to “Dad Is Dead, You’re Next. Love, Moth”

  1. Just plain AWESOME.

  2. Joe on December 28th, 2012
  3. “You fool! Warren in dead!!”

  4. F on December 28th, 2012
  5. This guy’s awesome. I wonder what the person’s reaction was to this text. Considering they were very wimpy over a moth, they probably freaked out.

  6. lilbird92 on December 28th, 2012
  7. Moths are awesome. Why aren’t you picking the moth up yourself, checking it out, and putting it outside?

  8. Heh on December 29th, 2012
  9. If they had cell phones when I was a kid then my dad would have done the same thing. :) Only I wouldn’t be freaking out over a moth. Snakes yes moths no :)

  10. LaDonna on December 29th, 2012
  11. Thats one tough moth

  12. Ed on December 29th, 2012
  13. Love it. LOL

  14. Marcie on January 1st, 2013

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