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Daddy Issues


19 Comments to Daddy Issues

  1. well kids…

    if you are NOT happy living here….

    There is the front door……..

    Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out

  2. Joey BadaBing on December 20th, 2012
  3. Move out now, while you still know everything!

  4. Bob the LumberJack on December 20th, 2012
  5. Looks like the kids are dressed well, nourished well, have technology to post their hatred…

    Oh, how I can’t wait for those selfish little brats to get out into the real world. Won’t it be a bitch when they see that the world does NOT revolve around them and they are NOT entitled to anything for nothing? Bwahahahaha!!!! Cry away, you thankless little bastards!!!

  6. BB on December 20th, 2012
  7. While the second one is probably an entitled little asshole who got denied a video game, I feel bad for the first one. It’s a horrible feeling working up the courage to seek out a parent for help and guidance and being shot down like that.
    Although it isn’t really appropriate to cry about it on a social media site.

  8. Gat on December 20th, 2012
  9. Maybe the little Princess’ father just found out he has cancer. The other little bastard should go into foster care if he hates his old man so much. I’m sure he’d be much happier there.

  10. Broketaxpayer on December 20th, 2012
  11. Wow, you “hate” your dad? For what reason? My “dad” chose not to be in my life. You two little brats should be thankful he’s IN your lives!! You don’t look abused – you seem healthy – quit whining online – especially if he was being a real dad and you’re just mad because he said no to something.

  12. DS on December 20th, 2012
  13. We can nearly always find something that’s happened to someone that’s worse than what’s happened to someone else. It’s still not good parenting to tell your kid that her problems just aren’t big enough for you to be concerned with them. And I’m speaking as someone who got the Big C diagnosis in July. I don’t go around telling people that their problems aren’t as big as having cancer.

  14. Jessica on December 20th, 2012
  15. But, I bet you that spoiled little brat is still living off Daddy!!Grow up. Stop blaming other peopl
    e for you faults and problems!

  16. nancy on December 20th, 2012
  17. I hate you, you suck Dad. And oh my cell phone bill is coming due, so don’t forget to pay it! You low life cheap bastard.

  18. jack on December 21st, 2012
  19. The second one definitely deserved to be on here, but the first one I feel didn’t. Of course, she’s venting on a social media site, and she’s probably paraphrasing and maybe twisting what her dad said. Hers is definitely a gray area. You don’t know what disease, you don’t know if she’s been recently diagnosed and the whole family is shell-shocked and trying to cope, or if it’s long term and frustrations and feelings of helplessness are spilling over.

    Or her dad knows the parameters of her illness, knows she’s not THAT sick and is playing up the teenager past time of melodrama, and he was putting her in her place.

    Ah the joys of the internet and out-of-context posts.

  20. Rach on December 21st, 2012
  21. The first one is kind of vague with info. Yes, her dad shouldn’t be like that, however we don’t know what her problems are. The could be petty things, or the dad doesn’t know how to be supportive and is in shock. One thing for sure she shouldn’t be passive-aggressively trying to make her dad out to be the bad guy.

  22. me on December 22nd, 2012
  23. What horrible disease do you have that you published all over the web? Would you have preferred the alternative answer,

    “Listen you little slut I told you to keep your legs closed or at LEAST wear a condom.”

  24. wtf on December 24th, 2012
  25. It’s like none of you people even understand what it’s like to be a teenager.

    Biologically speaking, it’s impossible for them not to be stupid, or a pain in the ass.

    There’s a reason that no other species of animal in the world experiences adolescence…

  26. Kinseth on December 25th, 2012
  27. Shut the F%@& UP!! And quit whinning u little bitches!! Just be glad u have a dad, my dad passed away right before my birthday, He was my bestfriend. Yea we have had our times where we didnt getalong, every family relationship does. I would give anything to have him back. You still have your dad, so SHUT THE F#%@ UP and stop airing your petty complaints online. You know maybe if you grewup alittle and quit blaming everyone else for your issues and problems and maybe eaven told your dad you loved him every now and then he might stop treating you like dumbshit that u are. 1st world problems unf$@&ing believable!!!!!!!!

  28. Brad on December 27th, 2012
  29. Brad, am I truly sorry for the loss of YOUR dad, but you can’t treat everyone else’s dad like they are a blessing to them. You do not know how they treat their father/parents or relationship, the first one went to THEIR father (to talk) and was treated coldly, whether the topic was petty or not, the father has no right to treat her that way, especially if she was seeking help. For all we know about the second one, his father could be in and out of his life all the time. There are horrible people in families, everyone of them, and sometimes venting in a safe place is good for you.

    You should probably take your own advice and grow up a little, you projected your own feeling of a familiar bond towards them, and quickly judge them while assuming dad’s a saint. I don’t think the father deserves to be told that they love them, if that is the only way to make him stop belittling them as a person- it’s emotionally manipulative. Which CAN cause psychological problems/issues in the future, if it continues. I personally view it as child abuse, considering child are told to love their parents no matter what, yet if the feeling lost and just forced so they are treated better, your negatively effecting them with bad intentions.

  30. me on January 1st, 2013
  31. I actually feel bad for the girl on the top one. It’s so difficult talking to parents at that age – good on her for trying. Parents tend to forget that the littlest things to teenagers are actually massive dramas with all those hormones going crazy. It’s painful to have your issues belittled by someone you’re trying to get help from

  32. MissPiggy on January 3rd, 2013
  33. Kinseth is right. Every now and then I see a gaggle of 15y/o girls walking through the mall, loud, obnoxious, giggling and acting like fools. I think good god I hope I wasn’t that annoying at that age, but yeah I probably was. I also hated my mom, loved my dad. But I was a teenage girl and she drove me nuts. Now we talk all the time and get along great. Teenagers are biologically unable to be anything other than self entitled twats.

  34. ifso on February 1st, 2013
  35. C’mon Kid! Tell us how you you REALLY feel!

  36. Heywood Jablomie on February 25th, 2013
  37. Perhaps the father in the top situation could be more attentive, the father in the bottom one probably makes the kid do chores and be responsible. On the other hand some people are just selfish attention seeking whiners.

  38. Cavguy on February 26th, 2013

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