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FAIL: Potty Training In A Restaurant

There’s so many things wrong with this, we’re just going to let it get torn apart in the comments.
Submitted by TychaBrahe

30 Comments to FAIL: Potty Training In A Restaurant

  1. Our you effin kidding me. That is what the hell is the matter with America. People could care less about anybody else. Surprised she is not dragging off a Mountain Dew.
    Who carries a potty seat around with them anyhow? At least they have enough smarts to do that instead of letting the kid take a dump in the takeout line.
    Stripper in the making no shame in what you do in public.

  2. Dexter on September 4th, 2012
  3. Management should have thrown her out when she walked in with the potty chair. Where is the health department when you need them?

  4. Jackie on September 4th, 2012
  5. I..just..I,,wait, what? Just when I think people can’t POSSIBLY get stupider, shit like this happens! For shame! Esp. on the staff who didn’t call the mother out!

  6. Corina on September 4th, 2012
  7. Hey lady…how about I come to your house, crap on your counter while you’re prepping your dinner, then watch you eat said dinner without a hesitation or worry.
    What? Disgusting? yeah, well so is letting a kid crap in a toilet training seat in the middle of a restaurant! The place should be shut down by the health dept for spreading E-coli, Hepatitis, and a myriad other diseases because this lady was too concerned about herself rather than a host of diners around her.

  8. pct2k on September 4th, 2012
  9. Ok breast feeding in public i get, not crazy about it, but whatever. I do however have a huge problem with this. They should have been asked, and by asked I mean told to leave, and by all rights the restaurant should of been closed until it was completely sanitized, and even inspected by the Health Department. Cause if they didn’t it makes me wonder how well they enforce their employees washing their hands after using the bathroom. :/

  10. Audrey on September 4th, 2012
  11. What the H— is this womans problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. DeDe on September 4th, 2012
  13. Wow … that’s a new one.

    It makes you think about how unsanitary public places are. Consider what that mother’s hands must be like at any time of the day, if the above photo demonstrates her ideals about health and sanitation. She probably left the restaurant and went to the grocery store and pawed all the fruits and vegetables etc. after wiping the baby’s arse and not bothering to wash her hands. Even though obviously few people who do this toilet thing, it is a bit of a wake-up call that we can’t assume that everyone is on the ball with appropriate behavior and practices in the community.

  14. Hap on September 5th, 2012
  15. What in the hell and why? I hope this stupid woman was asked to leave and to not come back. She needs to be bitch slapped–i would have been the first to do it on top of going to jail..would have been worth it. Discression and good parenting are not in her vocabulary. I am sure this isn’t the only dumbass decision she has made..cps is in her future. This is a perfect example of why some people need to be born sterile.

  16. angela on September 5th, 2012
  17. In a restaurant…..Really??? Wow, that’s just primitive!!

  18. loki on September 5th, 2012
  19. I’m ok with breastfeeding in public as long as they have both tits out and visible, but this bitch makes me ashamed to be a human. It is now obvious that we as a species have ZERO hope. The end is near.

  20. RED on September 5th, 2012
  21. I get tossed out of DENNY”S every time I shit my pants.,,

    Now I know to bring a potty chair, and it will all be OK.

  22. Joey BadaBing on September 5th, 2012
  23. Trashy McTrash-Trash….how nasty is this chick.

  24. Pearl on September 5th, 2012
  25. I am sooo happy to read the comments here and see I’m not the only one who has a major problem with this!!
    I would have not only gone straight to the manager…but to the woman as well!!
    I can only imagine where she went with her nasty hands/habbits after this!!

  26. Lee on September 5th, 2012
  27. I breastfeed in public quite often and noone ever notices. That should not be compared to this travesty of public health. I agree that potty training isn’t easy but this isn’t the way to do it.

  28. Ash on September 5th, 2012
  29. where is CPS, this is just wrong no shame at all.

  30. Ron on September 5th, 2012
  31. If you are into kiddie porn and golden showers this would be a two for one.

  32. Missy on September 5th, 2012
  33. It looks as if there’s another toddler with the same type of curly hair on the other side of the table, so Mom probably has these twins both doing this…”Ok sweetheart, now it’s your turn to defecate in public!”

  34. SIGH on September 5th, 2012
  35. That poor kid! That is an invasion of that child’s privacy. What is she teaching that child? That is beyond cruel. It’s is one thing to carry around things to make potty training easier butt that is just plain lazy! not to mention gross

  36. Shelly on September 5th, 2012
  37. thanks for making me giggle after a long day … gotta love people

  38. enia on September 5th, 2012
  39. mother of 4 on September 6th, 2012
  40. Somone should have staple her vagina shut

  41. brucelee on September 6th, 2012
  42. What I’m curious about, is why didn’t she take them to a restroom? If she thought it was ok to bring the potty chair into a restaurant in the first place, you’d think she’d take it to the bathrooms and do it in private. What a loser.

  43. Shan on September 6th, 2012
  44. As the news story mentions, the woman is from Utah… that explains everything….

  45. Chris on September 6th, 2012
  46. You might think your kids shit is cute but no one else trying to eat does! That’s not how you potty train. So when she’s in first grade is she going to think it’s okay to take a dump in the cafeteria at school?

  47. Shartalyn on September 8th, 2012
  48. This act shows she has NO common sense. What would make her think this was ok? I really feel her children should be taken away from her before she can impart her values on them.

  49. Steve on September 10th, 2012
  50. Ok, I work in behavioral rehabilitation (for children/adolescents) and I’m having to pick my jaw up off the floor. I cannot begin to understand this woman. What made her think this was okay? Seriously. Did she see someone else doing this and think it was okay for her to do too? She can’t possibly think this is okay, can she? I WANT to say no, but I really can’t force to myself to tell that lie. Seriously? I still can’t believe my eyes. Please someone – say it’s photoshopped. Just to make me feel better. Holy hell, what is this world coming to?

  51. Kiki on September 14th, 2012
  52. I saw this on americas court show and the mom said her whole family potty trains this way and this is how she was raised…!! What a shame……i wish i knew her name because someone in cps neda to review her parenting skills in private if she’s doing this in public!!! This lady is utterly disgusting!!!!! I would’ve slapped her if i saw yhis happening in my face while im eating!!!!!! Gross just gross!!!!!

  53. stacy on January 9th, 2013
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  56. I think the face on that kid in the background says it all

  57. Tabitha on October 8th, 2013
  58. GET some fucking CLASS, “lady”! LOL

    Nasty beeyitch!

  59. Scott on October 26th, 2013

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