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30 Comments to Fergalicious

  1. my god what are they 14?

    and i seriously find exposed pregnant bellies disgusting.. no one wants to see your engorged uterus and abdomen.. put it away! i’m glad you are happy that some dude shooting man mustard into you is getting you girls all the attention you ever wanted. but you’re not special there are millions of women out there right now just as pregnant as you. so pull your shirts down , turn off the crappy music and blondie you especially stop bouncing your unborn baby around in there and hit the realization that not only are you not special, but once you squirt those little meat monsters out THEY will be the ones getting all the attention and your short time in the lime light will be over . then it’ll be all about figuring out how to be financially stable enough to feed and clothe your impending offspring….good luck with that.

    (sorry everyone .. i’m in a pissed off mood today so i’ll have to ask you to bear with me until i can go back to making you laugh again)

  2. pookie_bear_meow_damnit on May 16th, 2012
  3. They look like they are in their teens and show the maturity level of one as well. Idiots.

  4. Makayla on May 16th, 2012
  5. I think they are adorable, kooky, and really funny! Life’s too short to not be a goofball sometimes! Pookie Bear – get a grip! Geez louise!

  6. KIDSthesedays! on May 16th, 2012
  7. “They want my treasure so they get their pleasure from my photo”…
    Looks like they got more than just a photo…

  8. OhMy... on May 16th, 2012
  9. Gross, gross, gross! They should never be allowed to have children.

  10. creepedout on May 16th, 2012
  11. pookie bear you are a d*&k you must have no knowledge of pregnancy at all,here are two girls enjoying their pregnancies,and not acting like the majority of pregnant women using it as an excuse to eat a stupid amount of food and be lazy demanding everyone do things for them because they are pregnant.they should be able to enjoy their last bit of time before the restrictions of children,and yes, i have two children so im fully aware of what pregnancy and looking after children entails

  12. a.m on May 16th, 2012
  13. I think it’s hilarious- looks like the blond is having triplets or something :)

  14. Ronk on May 16th, 2012
  15. Good job bleaching your hair with poisons while pregnant, dumbass!

  16. Heh on May 16th, 2012
  17. This is so harmless and absolutely hilarious!

  18. Lulu on May 17th, 2012
  19. Before everyone starts judging, it would be safe to ask whether or not those bellies are even real(could be a very good piece of fx). If they are real then the only shock factor would be that they are teens and far too young to be mothers. That being said, they are behaving as teens should and what they are doing doesn’t look harmful to me.
    FYI dying your hair during pregnancy isn’t harmful to the foetus unless you inhale all the fumes and you are exposed to potentially far worse from the environment around you just by walking down the street (walking smokers, gas leaks, exhaust pipes, free radicals, open sewers).
    Yes, this is a parental fail but it’s not aimed at them, it’s aimed at their own parents.

  20. Sanguinari on May 17th, 2012
  21. gross. plain and simple.

  22. mac07 on May 17th, 2012
  23. Apparently y’all fucktards who keep commenting on they disgusting cause they pregnant and teens, THOSE ARE FAKE BELLIES DUMBASSES

  24. Alyssa on May 18th, 2012
  25. It’s ok………they were just drunk at the time.

  26. grandpa o on May 18th, 2012
  27. And that’s why they’re 12 and pregnant…

  28. duhh on May 18th, 2012
  29. Doesn’t matter if the bellies are fake or not…both girls are acting stupid either way. If they are real then the girls must be very proud not to be able to enjoy the rest of their teenage years. This video proves that they won’t make very good parents..ten bucks says that cps gets involved sometime after the birth and the kids get taken away

  30. angela on May 19th, 2012
  31. Fake or not, looks stupid.

  32. Kayla on May 19th, 2012
  33. I agree with pookie bear. Why is it that every teenager on earth seems to be knocked up all of a sudden, it’s disgusting, and not something to be proud of. Just proves they don’t know how to close their legs.

  34. Cindy on May 19th, 2012
  35. I think they look like they are in their 20’s. This is just a silly funny video they made, which should be for themselves. The only problem with this is that someone posted it on the internet in the first place.

  36. guest on May 22nd, 2012
  37. I searched and actually found the owner of this video. She commented on them on Youtube

    “Say what you have to, im one of the girls in this video. We were both 18 and at the time we put it on our myspace as a joke and it was taken and posted all over youtube. Im proud to say I have a healthy four year old son that will someday laugh at this video and as a young mom cant say´╗┐ im doing to bad considering ill be done with my 4 year degree this spring and im 22. So to all you haters who think you know it all can suck a big fat DICK :D”

  38. Uh... on May 23rd, 2012
  39. It’s shit like this that glorifies teen pregnancy! Disgusting.

  40. Jenn S on May 24th, 2012
  41. I guess I was wrong about their ages, but I think people forget that there are many who start their families young and it turns out fine.

  42. guest on May 25th, 2012
  43. Those girls look quite a bit like friends of mine- who by the way are nearly thirty. Young at heart, and having fun doesn’t make them teenagers. That’s honestly an assumption on your part. And to be honest, dancing around like a big goof while pregnant kind-of comes naturally. I just had my Son a month and a half ago, and I used to dance around while I was pregnant with him.

  44. Kassi (Nova) on May 26th, 2012
  45. Despite the fact that they were or are teen moms, there is nothing wrong with this video.
    I danced while I was pregnant too & it did no harm at all to my children. The baby has plenty of protection in the uterus. Dying your hair is safe during pregnancy if done right.
    So what if they were showing their stomachs? It’s only disgusting to narrow minded people. I’d much rather see a pregnant belly than an anorexic girls ass in a pair of shorts that are too small.
    Take a good look in the mirror before you start judging other people so harshly.

  46. Abbs on May 26th, 2012
  47. I think they’re just kids having fun. They’ve made mistakes and have a long tough road ahead of them being young mums, what’s so wrong with them having a little goofy fun while they still can? Very soon they won’t be able to be kids anymore. I think it’s cute.

  48. Hayley on May 30th, 2012

  50. ADOG on June 11th, 2012
  51. What is wrong with two friends having fun while pregnant. “what the are pregnant! They should look miserable and not have any fun!” I am totally gonna do this kind of stuff when I decide to have kids so i can show it to my children in front of their friends when they are older and embarrass them. ^_^
    I think pregant bellys are beautiful and anyone that thinks they are gross are way to immature to have an opinion about them anyway. Although i will say holy crow that blond one is really really pregnant. They are two beautiful, fun, cute, women!

  52. Jeanna stout on June 21st, 2012
  53. I’d still hit it

  54. Beav on August 6th, 2012
  55. Uh…no, I thought you said you have your 4 year degree. You last sentence shows a lack of education and maturity.

  56. Sheryl on September 30th, 2012
  57. Really Heh? How do you know her hair is not that blonde naturally? Know the facts before you assume. As for people saying this is disgusting, atleast they’re having their own sort of fun with their pregnancy, instead of not taking care of themselves or laying around and letting everyone do everything for them.

  58. Aliee Baisden on November 25th, 2012
  59. while the video made me smile it looks to me like those two were having some innocent-ish fun for once, however that being said while a pregnancy and a baby is a beautiful thing, when you are that young you shouldnt flaunt the belly rather think upon the impact of the child who looks to be due in a few days or children probably twins in the blondes case that you are literally shaking around in your womb. my pregnancy ended badly when i was a little into my third trimester because i was pushing my boundaries of what i could do. but deliberately shaking your bumps like that could potentially injure the baby.

  60. keladry on November 10th, 2013

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