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Let’s Play Dress Up

How would you handle this situation if your son put on a pair of women’s shoes? Laugh it off or take a different approach?

27 Comments to Let’s Play Dress Up

  1. Beat the gay out of him!! just kidding.. it’s all good. This kid has really WHITE teeth..

  2. Jeff on November 13th, 2012
  3. Who cares what he wears? He’s a little kid and he looks happy. Isn’t that what matters?

  4. sniizy on November 13th, 2012
  5. My 5 year old loves to play dress up with his little sister and often wears my shoes, even my clothes sometimes. He also loves to have his toes painted when I do mine. But he is all boy and loves guns, soldiers and video games, so I just let him be a kid. My 15 year old was the same way and now he is girl crazy. No harm in allowing a kid to have fun.

  6. Katie on November 13th, 2012
  7. He looks entirely too happy. Tell him to change his shoes or he’ll get slapped. LOL!

  8. Broketaxpayer on November 13th, 2012
  9. I’d bet the house he turns out gay…and thats totally fine…he may not and thats fine too but I applaud his parents for allowing him to be just a kid…but the kid is FA.BU.LOUS!

  10. Averagejolene on November 13th, 2012
  11. I find this cute and endearing. He looks healthy and like he’s having fun. Good for the parent(s) to let him express things that interest him.

  12. Tonton on November 13th, 2012
  13. I think it’s adorable. He looks so happy. Good on him and the parental unit(s)

  14. MissPiggy on November 13th, 2012
  15. Even if the boy is gay and showing early signs.
    So TF what? There’s nothing to be gained by trying to “straighten” him out.

  16. Really? on November 13th, 2012
  17. Check out the website My Priness Boy. I have a Tnkerbell grandson and I will rip the lips off of anyone who gives him crap about it.

  18. Mihalinka on November 13th, 2012
  19. hope he doesn’t live anywhere near Westboro Baptist.

  20. JD Storm on November 13th, 2012
  21. I wouldn’t laugh it off at all. I would ask him if he was comfortable and then we would get on with our day. Let him wear what he wants!

  22. quinn on November 14th, 2012
  23. All little boys do that. My little brother played with my barbie dolls and he is now married with a child. And yes he is married to a woman lol.

  24. Kate on November 14th, 2012
  25. I would punch him in the head and tell him there will be no faggots in my family!

  26. brucelee on November 14th, 2012
  27. I’m surprised at the positivity of these comments! (Aside from the last one)
    He’s a kid, let him be a kid.
    My little brother used to wear girls’ clothes, but that’s because he has three older sisters!

  28. HarleenQuinzel on November 14th, 2012
  29. He’s a little boy … WHO CARES …. I have a gender neutral name, had a horrible boyish home hair cut , most of my friends are guys , as a kid I’d rather have had a ninja turtle over a barbie anyday and got boys clothes for hand me downs. GUESS WHAT – It didn’t ‘make’ me gay . Even if this child were gay , again I say – WHO CARES :)

  30. Robin on November 14th, 2012
  31. I’m more concerned that he isn’t buckled in properly

  32. Ash on November 14th, 2012
  33. Honestly by the time a kid is his (apparent) age, doing that is something that would clue me in that he might be gay, which is something I think as a parent I would want to clarify as soon as possible. I think it would help a parent in raising the child to figure this issue out if signs are occurring.

  34. Hap on November 14th, 2012
  35. I want those shoes!

  36. lalawojo on November 14th, 2012
  37. I’m pretty sure he stole them off his big sister and he thinks he is hilarious for that!

  38. Pepper on November 15th, 2012
  39. I love his shoes too! and I’m wish Ash – he’s not buckled in properly so I’m assuming the car is parked. :)

  40. blondebomb on November 15th, 2012
  41. Wearing shoes designated for the opposite sex is hardly an indication of homosexual tendencies. He’s a child, let him be a child.

  42. Jemima on November 16th, 2012
  43. I’d tell him that pink zebra stripes don’t match an olive green striped sweater vest.

    Freaking heinous.

  44. Kinseth on November 17th, 2012
  45. So what if he turns out gay? Let him be. I’m pansexual and I’m happy with who I am.

    However, he does look like he’s going to be ejected the batshit loose out of that car if he doesn’t get buckled in properly.

  46. Meanah on November 19th, 2012
  47. ha what a cutie.
    I wouldnt do anything. my brothers (all three) at some point wore my moms clothes or my clothes when i was still living at home and they all like girls. i wore boys clothes most of my life because they were more comfortable than the girly crap and im married to a man and we have three kids together. clothing does not define ones gender or sexuality

  48. cassie on November 20th, 2012
  49. People it is called photo shop look closer………ie legs are not his……

  50. Dave Wilcox on November 20th, 2012
  51. I saw this picture on Facebook. He wore them on the first day of school and received many compliments. He liked the shoes because they were zebra print like hits favorite animal.

  52. UpsetUnicorn on January 12th, 2013
  53. I’ve no problem with the shoes, but I do think he looks a bit too big to be riding in a baby seat.

  54. Cavguy on February 26th, 2013

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