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Meet The Juggalos

That cowboy hat is looking pretty slick.

13 Comments to Meet The Juggalos

  1. someone do me a favor. don’t let them breed.

  2. JD Storm on January 24th, 2013
  3. They already did (see the kids?) anyways I see the parents are the only ones who are into doing this picture. ;) :) :D :P

  4. Douche Nozzle on January 24th, 2013
  5. Poor kids

  6. lee on January 24th, 2013
  7. Ugh. They’re multiplying. :/
    We’re doomed.

  8. GlitchBomb on January 24th, 2013
  9. Starting to look like breeding should be licensed. I suggest a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree and a spotless criminal record.

  10. wtf on January 25th, 2013
  11. @wtf I agree with you. Seriously..I do agree with you.

  12. Rachel on January 25th, 2013
  13. Actually the little boy looks like he’s into it, that poor girl though. The look on her face totally says… “please kill me”.

  14. Queina on January 26th, 2013
  15. Anyone that really thinks you should have to have atleast a bachelor’s degree and a spotless record to have children is an idiot. I guess by your standards no one including yourself should ever have kids since everyone has done something that has landed them in trouble or got away with what they did since they didnt get caught. I think anyone that thinks the same way as you are the ones that should’nt have kids.

  16. proud parent on January 30th, 2013
  17. @proud parent
    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Some people don’t deserve to have children. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you need certain “qualifications” in order to have a child.

  18. GlitchBomb on February 1st, 2013
  19. Oh great, they DO reproduce!

  20. MrClean on February 4th, 2013
  21. Gee you guys are so funny! My husband and I both have college degrees and no criminal history and we are Juggalos with two kids…we dont make our kids do it but they love the music anyway

  22. Miki on February 4th, 2013
  23. I don’t get how this is a fail. It’s pretty awesome really. I’m not a Juggalo but I do respect their culture and their music is sweet.

  24. Jess on February 6th, 2013
  25. The fail is the look on that poor girls face. She doesn’t want to be there. You should not force you children to do damn lame ass stunt with you, because you love music. This girl is going to grow up hating her parents, and needing therapy.

  26. Angel on February 6th, 2013

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