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My Senior Picture



“This was my senior picture. Not sure why my parents spent money on it…”

4 Comments to My Senior Picture

  1. This pose makes him look like he was saying “so I snuck up behind a donkey and grabbed his . . ” ;) :) :D :P

  2. Douche Nozzle on January 25th, 2013
  3. As the mother of a young man only a few years older than you, I will guess she paid for it because you didn’t offer her an alternative and because once day you will be grown and she’ll give it back to you with a chuckle.

  4. wtf on January 25th, 2013
  5. Shaggy?

  6. The Gunshot on January 25th, 2013
  7. Why is this on this site? Shouldnt it be on

  8. troof be told on January 25th, 2013

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