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“No Adults Without Children”

Yeah, sure.. the pedophile was going to take your child but before doing so he read the sign and found out he wasn’t welcome here.

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Devil’s Night

Eggs hitting your front door, TP all over your house and yard…gotta love Devil’s Night. Hopefully you get those little shits before they get you!

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Proud Parents: In The News

Making it’s rounds on the internet are the Wisconsin couple pictured above – why such an awkward photo? Well that’s exactly why they’ve gone viral. The two are making headlines around the world for using their daughter’s cell phone to snap embarrassing photos of themselves and posting them on her Facebook page for all of her friends to read. Some say it’s horrible, some say it’s great parenting.. we want to hear your opinion! Make the jump for the full story and vote in the poll below..

Is this type of discipline a "Parent Fail" or a "Parent WIN"?

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Click here for the full news story!

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The Presidential Pose

“What’s that? Your child started walking when he was 9 months? Back when I was a baby, I pulled out 3 of President Obama’s teeth.”

Awkward Photos, Family Photos, Funny Photos, Parent Fail, Photos, Proud Family, WTF Photo

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