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  1. Like a boss

  2. vero on March 17th, 2012
  3. i love it!

  4. Tammy on March 17th, 2012
  5. The only part of this I even kind of object to is that I’d be angrier with one of my sons if they assaulted a prostitute than I would be if they smoked marijuana.

    I’m not advocating either, and beyond that I think this dad is fantastic.

  6. Armauld on March 17th, 2012
  7. Just as funny and deserved as “laptop dad”. I’m from smalltown Kentucky and we have lots of white guys like this: talking shit about blacks yet driving around in redneck trucks blaring “gangsta rap”. Trying to act all hardcore when they’re from a town of only a couple thousand people, mostly white, what “ghetto” they have is very small and only a few buildings and they’ve never even been out of town (everyone outside is too SKURRY! LOL).

  8. Scott on March 17th, 2012
  9. I vote for #3: Possibly Faked.

  10. Jami on March 17th, 2012
  11. Wrong, and probably faked. A parent has to have a Facebook account if he is going to allow his young son to have one. From that point, he already has access to his “personal” information and would already be seeing/monitoring this behavior.

  12. Mothra on March 21st, 2012
  13. whether or not this is real, publicly humiliating your child will do nothing but make them lose respect for you. as a parent you should set an example by acting like an adult.

  14. april on March 21st, 2012
  15. Who could say that this is done wrong. He will probably be thanking his father when he grows up and doesn’t become some useless wigger douchebag.

    Nothing is too much when preventing your son from becoming a wigger.

  16. geezer on March 26th, 2012
  17. This kid is a wuss. I didn’t even cry at the end of Marley and Me and I’m going through menopause.

    AS far as what the Dad did – cool. Maybe his kid will get in touch with who he really is instead of trying to be something he’s not.

  18. Good Old Granny on March 29th, 2012
  19. So far as I know, Facebook does not verify the age of people in any legitimate way, so the parent really doesn’t have to have a page for the kid to have one. Along with that, I think it might be a bad idea to do something like this because a kid who wets the bed at 12 could be a potential serial killer on the rise. Google that shit, then decide if you want to sleep with one eye open for the next couple of decades. Because obviously the kid is going to live in big daddy’s basement until he’s 40. XD

  20. sisterwicked on May 5th, 2012
  21. dude, you don’t have to have a facebook page in order for your child to have one.. my sister got her page at 14 and my mom didn’t get a page til last year (my sister is now 16). It may be humiliation on the son, but kudos to the dad. I am always on my sisters page monitoring how she talks and what she posts, I even asked one of her friends to delete his self off her page cause he was disrespectful. The things with kids these days are that they think they are invincible. So what if a parent steps in and is being a parent. The kid should be aware that he shouldn’t be stupid. I’m just saying… if kids were monitored more closely then maybe they would still be kids..

  22. SunnieStar on May 17th, 2012
  23. This is why parents should monitor their children’s social media until they are adults. I told my kid you don’t give me access, then you have no access to a computer. I also have the computer in the living room in which I am the administrator. I randomly ask my kid to hand over ipod touch or phone. I he is breaking the rules, he loses the PRIVILEGE of using the device.

  24. Sheryl on September 30th, 2012
  25. I don’t understand people who approve of public humiliation.

    And to you parents who think you’re really controlling your kids…you aren’t. My parents thought they had tabs on my online profiles, but I kept one they knew about and also had my own true one they didn’t know about. Your kids are smarter than you are when it comes to the computer.

    I never had anything bad or private on my real profile, but I wanted some sort of outlet away from my parents, and I made sure I got it.

  26. Lisa Marie on December 1st, 2012

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