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Video: Swing Jump Gone Wrong

Probably shouldn’t have put a fence right next to the swing set.. but who knows, maybe they didn’t want grandchildren.

8 Comments to Video: Swing Jump Gone Wrong

  1. LOL what a dummy! We heathens done the same thing as kids – would swing as high as we could get, jumped off the seat and then landed on a hill sloping downward and rolled all the way down LOL – surprised we didn’t break any bones doing that but I guess kids can be more resilient.

  2. Scott on September 10th, 2012
  3. Lol, that one wont be having any niglings!
    Stupidity – Best form of birth control there is!

  4. Bunny on September 10th, 2012
  5. I hope the kid is ok. His laughing hyena of a friend, videotaping, is a jerk!

  6. KIDSthesedays! on September 10th, 2012
  7. Im sure it is ok – I hear blacks can reproduce just fine with only one testicle.
    Its children should it choose to spawn might have a few problems though…

  8. Bunny on September 10th, 2012
  9. to low on his legs to get nuts

  10. merve on September 11th, 2012
  11. The idiot is whoever placed that kind of fence anywhere near a playground, much less so close to a swing set.

  12. Snappy on September 15th, 2012
  13. Obviously he could have gone the other direction and been fine. The challenge was jumping the fence. I’m pretty sure I did that or more as a kid as well. How we survived riding our bikes without helmets I’ll never know. Went over the handlebars many times Superman style.

  14. Joe on September 16th, 2012
  15. He looks like he hurt his neck more than his leg. I hope he’s okay.

  16. Brittany on May 28th, 2013

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