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Who Wore It Better: The Abortion Costume

Would you have a problem if you saw either of these girls this past Halloween? Sound off in the comments.

40 Comments to Who Wore It Better: The Abortion Costume

  1. Depends on their views on abortion

  2. Brandi on November 5th, 2012
  3. They shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!

  4. Bob the LumberJack on November 5th, 2012
  5. It doesn’t matter their views it is tacky and awful!!!!

  6. me on November 5th, 2012
  7. Regardless of your view on abortion, this is just disrespectful to those that have lost children, whether it be miscarriage, stillborn, or SIDS.

  8. Amanda K on November 5th, 2012
  9. I think it is sorta funny. People need to relax, and not be so offended by every little thing

  10. Kissy Jo on November 5th, 2012
  11. Have you ever noticed that 99% of your pro-lifers are white and use white babies? I also find pro-lifers as pro-choice. They are not for abortion, not for gun control and for the death penalty. So, they want to choose who lives and dies. Just a thought.

  12. Missy on November 5th, 2012
  13. sad *sigh*

  14. EvilCoupons on November 5th, 2012
  15. Just plain gross. Society is becoming too desensitized these days. Nothing is sacred and nothing is taboo. Just as children need them, adults need boundaries too. I remember the days when my grandmother would be embarrassed by Kotex commercials. Now condoms and vibrators are advertised during cartoons for kids….

    Come on! When will enough be enough!

  16. NC Viewer on November 5th, 2012
  17. Well I’m prolife, and white, and I find it repulsive whether it was used as a costume for party or for any other reason. I find it even more disgusting if it was used as some kind of anti abortion ploy. People shouldn’t be treated that way.

  18. beth on November 5th, 2012
  19. @Missy

    I’m Pro-Life and yes, I support the death penalty. (I only wish our country had it!) An abortion kills an innocent life, whereas in the case of the death penalty, the convict receiving it is NOT innocent and he/she has made the conscious CHOICE of murdering one or more people. There is a big difference.

    BTW, I AM for gun control, in case you’re wondering.

  20. Northerngirl on November 5th, 2012
  21. @Northerngirl

    Do you know how many people given the death penalty, dead already or alive, were later proved innocent?… Didn’t think so.

  22. kat on November 5th, 2012
  23. F**KN awsome great sense of humor. Never stop till the last catholic is crazy

  24. dontgivearatsass on November 5th, 2012
  25. @Kat

    Do you know how many fetuses that were aborted were innocent? 100%!

    Yes, it is true that some people were/are wrongly given the death penalty but in reality, most of them are hard-core criminals and the planet is better off without them anyway as they are taking up valuable resources like food, water, oxygen and space. And then, of course, it might be that they are innocent of the particular murder they are charged with but who knows how many other violent crimes they may have committed that they have never been charged with? Violence is a way of life to these POS.

  26. Northerngirl on November 5th, 2012
  27. @Northerngirl

    You are seriously messed up, you are the one the planet would be better off without. Stupidity is a way of life apparently too.

  28. ron on November 5th, 2012
  29. I am pro-life and pro death penalty, but there is a twist. I am against the death penalty as it is now commonly applied. I would reserve the death penalty for elected or appointed officials convicted of corruption or abuse of power.

  30. Hero Zero on November 5th, 2012
  31. I probably would say something very harsh to these horrible people. Yes, it would put me on their level. No, they wouldn’t listen. But I’d feel a lot better afterward.

  32. JustMe on November 5th, 2012
  33. @ron

    If name-calling people is your way of communicating a different opinion, I truly pity you your lack of intellect. I wonder if you and others like you would change your minds if it was one of your loved ones who got murdered.

  34. Northerngirl on November 5th, 2012
  35. The question isn’t who is pro or against anything. The question is who is offended? I am offended by not only the photos but by the total lack of respect for each other’s opinions that you are all displaying. I won’t state my views on the issues shared, but I will say that I wouldn’t want my child to see these women on halloween. There are certain traumas that children shouldn’t be exposed to.

  36. Ash on November 5th, 2012
  37. @Norterngirl – you must be from Texas

  38. Leslie on November 6th, 2012
  39. I would jump all over the one on the right. She is hot!

  40. Red Raider on November 6th, 2012
  41. Not funny but not worth getting butt hurt over either. If this is where you come to debate abortion there is something seriously wrong with you.

  42. Locksley on November 6th, 2012
  43. As a proud mother of two, I am very offended. And also as a family member of 2 people who have had miscarriages, I am offended. My brother tried for 2 years to get his wife pregnant, finally did, then they miscarried. It was devastating. This type of public display is extremely offensive and selfish. If you don’t want a child, use protection, and if you still get pregnant, put it up for adoption. Someone somewhere will want that child and will take care of it.

  44. The mom affect on November 6th, 2012
  45. the slut on the right will let you do anything you want to her in the bedroom, i’d cum right in that!!!

  46. boom boom on November 6th, 2012
  47. I am prolife but I don’t think that these costumes are appropriate. This is a real life issue and the portrayal of it makes it seem like a joke or something.

  48. Myopinion on November 6th, 2012
  49. I kind of want to think they have them on for shock value to get you to be anti-abortion. Also so what if they are pro-abortion or not, not everyone wants/can have a kid and it is their choice not yours. Foster care or adoption can be hard as the mother may get to attached to the child they didn’t want or the person who wants a child may not be able to adopt as most agencies look down on unmarried people who are with a man and women from my understanding of what others I have heard say. Not to mention the ones already there who will never get adopted because most people want a baby or from their own country

  50. annyonomous on November 6th, 2012
  51. girl on the right is hawt

  52. rommel on November 6th, 2012
  53. This is really disrespectful and tasteless. While I beleive in a woman’s right to choose, I find these costumes to be very offensive. Abortion is a very serious matter that shouldn’t be played around like this for jokes. There are some things that shouldn’t be made into costumes folks! I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  54. ES on November 6th, 2012
  55. I don’t like kids, am pro choice, and I still think it is disgusting.

  56. caty on November 6th, 2012
  57. @Missy. I’m pro life and for gun control in it’s most basic form.

    Control the gun and hit your target. That’s gun control.

    Stop breeding like rabbits if you can’t avoid getting pregnant then we wouldn’t have a pro-life or pro-murder discussion. Stop acting like pigs or rabbits and keep your pants zipped up and nobody would have an issue.

  58. armedinTN on November 7th, 2012
  59. Beyond the fact that it is making fun of dead babies (which shouldn’t even need to be pointed out)…what concerns me is, who on Earth would find their mind even turning to this “idea” as a Halloween costume? And even if you got the idea, to not veto it as a bad idea? The whole consciousness level, I.Q., education, cultural and other development of these people is called into serious question by such decisions. Say what you will; this is the work of gutter minds.

  60. Hap on November 7th, 2012
  61. Those are adult costumes, hopefully going to adult parties. Are their costumes any worse than a giant penis or vagina? The giant condom? The giant bloody kotex? Any worse than nightmare zombie costumes? All of the aformentioned are for shock value (and grins, for those with a wide sense of humor). So what? If you don’t like it, don’t look. If you take your kids to adult parties, then be prepared to explain a whole lotta things, lol!

  62. AJ on November 9th, 2012
  63. Frankly, it is their choice to wear whatever they want, and at the end of the day it only matters what they think of themselves. I know I could care less what anyone has to say about me, my lifestyle, or my choices. I’m also positive you all fed right into the reaction they were craving. Why don’t you all worry about yourself & quit wasting your time trying to convince others to believe what you believe. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and they are the ones who live with the repercussions, not you. So why care? Worry about your own karma (:

  64. no soul ginger. on November 11th, 2012
  65. I see nothing wrong with this, but I am a Pro-choice. I do not believe a zygote is a human life. It is more like a parasite that is feeding off its host. It could not survive out side of its host. Per Websters dictionary, “Parasite: something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return”. Enough said.

  66. Dr Chameleon on November 21st, 2012
  67. I find it HILARIOUS. Anything that skewers the forced birth/anti-women/anti-choice cretins makes me laugh harder than just about anything. Wish I’d thought of this costume—I may use it next year. XD

  68. MORE Abortions for Everyone on March 18th, 2013
  69. @Northerngirl

    I’m pro-abortion and pro-death penalty. At least I’m consistent….LMAO. XD

    Please stop erroneously using the term “pro life” to describe yourself. You are not. It totally cracks me up how you idiots call yourselves that just because you want to force someone to be an incubator for 9 months to a ball of non-sentient cells that they don’t even want, that you call a “baby”, but then you’re fine with the death penalty. Hey–I’m for both. But abortion’s not murder. It’s a surgical procedure. Get over it. And these are Halloween costumes, but dang–they sure are funny! XD

    Just remember these

    1. You’re not “pro-life”–zygotes, embryos & fetuses aren’t people & removing them is no big deal–so stop saying that you are.

    2. Who cares what you think? Speaking of taking up space, you’re just as big a waste of space as anything sitting on death row.

    3. Contrary to someone’s comment on here, dead babies ARE funny! Or there wouldn’t be so many jokes about them. Example:

    Q: Why can’t you fool an aborted fetus?

    A: It wasn’t born yesterday.

    ROFL! And this–I especially love this one:

    A fetus wakes up one morning only to realize he’s in the process of being aborted. The fetus looks at the doctor and asks, “What the hell are you doing?” The doctor turns to the patient and says, “Don’t worry, not all of them are this stupid.”

    Seriously. Tell me you’re not laughing….. XD

    I agree with the person on here who said they “Never stop til the last Catholic goes crazy.” PERFECT.

  70. MORE Abortions for Everyone on March 18th, 2013
  71. @ Dr Chameleon

    You’re SO right. I can’t believe I didn’t include that in my last comment. Zygotes, embryos, etc., are all basically functioning as parasitic organisms that can’t exist outside of the host organism, and that pretty much is the long, tall and short of it. Anyone arguing against that is merely ignorant.

  72. MORE Abortions for Everyone on March 18th, 2013
  73. Why does it matter if they aren’t fully developed? Even if they are born, they can’t survive on their own… I don’t know too many five year olds who make their own living. Technically, children who haven’t gone through puberty aren’t fully developed. The only time I support the death penalty is with mass-murderers who are caught in the act or there is absolutely no doubt. I don’t support gun control because I don’t believe it is really that effective, countries without gun control such as Switzerland have very very low gun violence.

    And I do not believe it is the woman’s choice, there are plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy and it is an understood ‘risk’, so if it happens, you should be ready and mature enough to deal with it. Either raise the child or give it up for adoption to those who can’t have their own.

    I do realize that Christians and pro-lifers or anti-abortionists have been overboard or whatever you want to call it. I don’t agree with a lot of things said and done, but me and those who haven’t joined with those people can’t apologize for other people’s behaviour, that would be absolutely meaningless.

  74. Devan Dexter on June 4th, 2013
  75. If the woman wants to abort that innocent little baby I’ll escort her past the people who forget that since the innocent little baby can’t survive outside of THE WOMAN ABORTING IT, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HER HAVING AN ABORTION. GOT IT? NOW GO TELL IT TO YOUR PREACHER.
    Now in regards to the costumes, they were just sick, but the one with the hanger should make the idiot crying that the baby is innocent remember WHY ABORTION CAN NEVER BE ILLEGAL AGAIN!

  76. dee on June 16th, 2013
  77. That is disgusting. Their mothers should have aborted them.

  78. Donna on July 25th, 2013
  79. I’m all for a woman to choose, but this is just horrible and sick. I waited 3 years to conceive and this just breaks my heart.

  80. Megan on April 19th, 2014

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