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WTF: Teacher requests payment for bathroom breaks – as expected, kids piss themselves.

A Vancouver, Washington school district has removed a teacher while the school investigates claims that students wet their pants due to that teacher’s bathroom policy.

Third grade students at Mill Plain Elementary earn play money that they can exchange for treats, KIRO-TV reported. The money can be used to buy things like popcorn or small toys, but it is also used as a bathroom pass. Click here for the entire story…

3 Comments to WTF: Teacher requests payment for bathroom breaks – as expected, kids piss themselves.

  1. Wow. I fully support teaching a child responsibility but this is WAY too far, even for me. No child should have to “pay” to use the rest room. Unacceptable and the teacher should be relieved of his/her duties. Immediately.

  2. BB on May 27th, 2014
  3. My son had a teacher that wouldnt let kids use the bathroom unless the entire class went to the bathroom at the same time. So I told him that if he needed to use the bathroom to just tell his teacher he was going to the bathroom and go regardless of what she said. I told his doctor about it (no I didnt take him to the doctor for it but it somehow came up in conversation) and he said it was terrible to expect kids to hold their bladders and if his teacher didnt like him using the bathroom when he needed to that he would write him a note telling his teacher he was to go to the bathroom when he needed and not on her schedule..

  4. KC on June 2nd, 2014
  5. That teacher is a cunt! Let a teacher do this to my kids and i will poor piss down the air intake for the heater/ air conditioner for her car on a hot summer day.

  6. Vet on June 3rd, 2014

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