This story is pretty sad – A Tulsa mother shot her 12 year old daughter while she was asleep before turning the gun on herself. Before this happened it’s said that her father was trying to remove her from the situation.. unfortunately not fast enough. Watch the video above and check out the news story after the jump..

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Submitted by Samantha M.

TULSA – Tulsa police say 12-year old Katelyn Jarvis was shot by her mother, Kathy Jarvis in their Midtown home. Kathy then turned the gun on herself.

Neighbors describe Kathy Jarvis as a person in a state of mass confusion, but who always had a smile on her face. The entire street is a close knit community.

“We all knew something was going to happen. We just didn’t know when.” Stephanie Lewis lives just steps away from the Jarvis home, but the neighbors bond was even closer. Stephanie’s last contact with Kathy and Katelyn was Sunday evening. “She came over and hugged me and said thanks for being such a good neighbor.”

Authorities believe Kathy Jarvis shot her 12- year old daughter in the head while she was sleeping on Sunday night. Kathy then turned the revolver on herself.

Sgt. Dave Walker says, “it leads us to believe if she was going to go, she didn’t want to the daughter to remain behind.”

Stephanie said Kathy and Katelyn had an unusually close relationship, never leaving each others side. She also said that Kathy had severe mental health issues and recently couldn’t afford her medication.

Stephanie also claims DHS was contacted several times and that the father had been trying to get his daughter out of that situation. “I just wish that Katelyn would have never had to go through the things she did. And that someone would have listened.”

Kathy’s sister called police on Tuesday after receiving a package that contained family photos and a disturbing note.

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