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Proud Parents: In The News

Making it’s rounds on the internet are the Wisconsin couple pictured above – why such an awkward photo? Well that’s exactly why they’ve gone viral. The two are making headlines around the world for using their daughter’s cell phone to snap embarrassing photos of themselves and posting them on her Facebook page for all of her friends to read. Some say it’s horrible, some say it’s great parenting.. we want to hear your opinion! Make the jump for the full story and vote in the poll below..

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Proud Parents: In The News

¬†For three years the parents of Isaak Lasson, pictured aboved, were baffled by his constant sinus congestion and sometimes troubled breathing. Doctors blamed allergies and sinus infections as the cause of the congestion, but it wasn’t until Isaak shoved some spaghetti up there and it began to stink that a specialist was called in and a tiny rubber wheel was pulled out. Continue reading for the full news story.. › Continue reading

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