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Proud Parents: In The News

A mom picked up her daughter from school, only to get picked up by police. She allegedly drove drunk with her 5-year-old in the car.

Witnesses say they knew something wasn’t right as the mother pulled onto campus.

Witnesses, including school staff and other parents picking up their kids, say Ashley Phelps, 26, drove into the parking lot going the wrong way.

“I think that’s kind of shocking,” mother Amy Smith said.

To most parents, it seems like the unthinkable: a mother putting her own child’s life at risk. But that’s exactly what Tracy police say happened at Monticello Elementary School on Wednesday afternoon.

School staffers reported the incident to police.

4 Comments to Proud Parents: In The News

  1. I live in the town this happened in. This woman is a friggin’ loser. If I ever run in to her, I am so going to tell her off. Dumb bitch.

  2. PeopleMakeMeSick on November 21st, 2012
  3. you white folks are fucking drunks! Put down the bottle for once peckerwoods

  4. whiteysux on November 24th, 2012
  5. You must not live in NC. Most of the bars here are packed with parents AND their children. And, yes, most of the parents are drinking…

  6. Kimberly on November 24th, 2012
  7. ^Oh right, I forgot, white people are the only ones who ever get drunk and do stupid things.

    One word for her: DUHHHHH!!

  8. lordofthegadflies on November 25th, 2012

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