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Text Me!

Just had a baby! LOL! LMFAO! OMG! WTF?!

9 Comments to Text Me!

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture. Every new parent is excited and getting texts from everyone saying congratulations…why can’t a new mother text?

  2. Joanne on November 18th, 2012
  3. IDIOT!

  4. Dee on November 19th, 2012
  5. Is she supposed to hold her baby 24-7? Noting wrong with spreading the good news. No big deal here!

  6. HARRY SCHMID on November 19th, 2012
  7. I see nothing wrong either. The baby is secure, she is a newborn that can’t even roll over and get hurt. I say it’s fine, and the baby is extremely adorable!

  8. sabrena on November 19th, 2012
  9. If U no who da dad is

    txt me

  10. Joey BadaBing on November 20th, 2012
  11. I’m sure everyone she knows is demanding baby photos NOW!

  12. Hap on November 20th, 2012
  13. I don’t have a problem with it either. The child isn’t in any danger at all.

  14. Retired Wrench on November 26th, 2012
  15. She looks almost 18, it’s probably her third or fourth kid.

  16. wtf on November 30th, 2012
  17. I agree. I see nothing wrong either. Mom and baby are safe, warm and relaxing. What’s wrong with texting some friends and family?

  18. Cavguy on February 26th, 2013

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