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Too Young For Bacon?

Too young for bacon?

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4 Comments to Too Young For Bacon?

  1. no teeth = no bacon. I suppose the taste will be good!

  2. Sharon on July 31st, 2012
  3. That precious little one is maybe 2months old, his tummy isn’t even near ready to digest bacon. Parent fail if they let him eat it.

  4. mrs j on July 31st, 2012
  5. I wouldn’t even say 2 months Mrs J.
    Look at the fingernails grasping the bacon. I’d say that sweetie is 3-5 weeks old.

    I love bacon, but I’d never let a baby have it…way too greasy for their little systems. I hope they put it in his hand, snapped the picture, then took it away before it hit his mouth.

  6. Jaloco on July 31st, 2012
  7. [...] little over a month ago we asked you if you thought this baby was too young for bacon.. In celebration with the 55% that believe you can never be too young for [...]

  8. Bacon Baby | The Proud Parents :: Parent Fails on September 4th, 2012

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