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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Submitted by Kelli

5 Comments to Who Let The Dogs Out?

  1. Hopefully nobody throws a stick or a ball in front of those dogs. ;) :) :D :P

  2. Douche Backwash on October 16th, 2012
  3. One cat away from road rash.

  4. Snap N. McGarrett on October 16th, 2012
  5. Oh look! Those dogs are taking that kid for a walk!

  6. Dan93 on October 19th, 2012
  7. The kid was convinced he was in control because he was holding the leash.

  8. Dragged for a half mile on October 24th, 2012
  9. Well trained dogs will not pull the leash. this little girl is probably the safest she will ever be, after all shes got three body guards ;)

  10. cass on November 3rd, 2012

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