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Dirtier Than Diapers

Aren’t babies precious?

19 Comments to Dirtier Than Diapers

  1. The little girl on the left is pure nightmare fuel. WTF.

  2. Vonski on July 6th, 2012
  3. Ok, is that the creepiest looking kid ( the one on the left), or what?

  4. Donna on July 6th, 2012
  5. Glad someone else said it. I was feeling bad about myself for thinking the same thing. That is one creepy looking kid, alright. >shudder<

  6. Mihalinka on July 6th, 2012
  7. When my eyes skimmed over these pictures quickly, I originally thought that these kids were extras in “The Walking Dead.”

    Now, I agree with Mihalinka & Donna – the one on the left is creepy.

  8. Lobster Pot Girl on July 6th, 2012
  9. I agree! I was just going to say that the kid on the left looks truly evil. :::shudder:::

  10. lawmom on July 6th, 2012
  11. What.. the hell..

    That child is genetically unfortunate. I really hope she grows into that face. :(

  12. cajita-feliz on July 6th, 2012
  13. The one on the left looks like she may have downs syndrome.

    Times like that the kids went into the bathtub, clothes and all.

  14. Jaloco on July 6th, 2012
  15. Oh damn, I really hope that’s chocolate…

  16. lordofthegadflies on July 7th, 2012
  17. Someplace around here I have a photo of our oldest eating an Oreo cookie. This all looks very familiar!

  18. Lady Anne on July 7th, 2012
  19. @lord of the gadflies me too!

  20. ES on July 7th, 2012
  21. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww better b chocolate

  22. figureitoutiwonttellmynamelol on July 8th, 2012
  23. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww better b chocolate
    u gliest kids i have seen

  24. figureitoutiwonttellmynamelol on July 8th, 2012
  25. You know when someone has sun in their eyes they squint.. Then cover the face in chocolate (god willing), and get her to make a funny face and this is what you get. You should feel bad for calling the kid ugly when Pizza 73 commercials holds the title for the ugliest baby.. *shudder*

  26. mrwhyte on July 10th, 2012
  27. The lesson here is don’t give kids curry or chocolate. It just becomes one big mess.

  28. NoveltyFishHead on July 11th, 2012
  29. pretty bad when grown adults are making fun of these children’s looks

  30. Nicole on July 15th, 2012
  31. …that little girl… I didn’t want to sleep tonight.

  32. Lari on July 15th, 2012
  33. This is utterly disgusting. Now I know I’m never having kids.

  34. Cindy on July 15th, 2012
  35. To all of you pathetic excuses for human beings please know this. That little girl on the left. Yeah the one you are all making fun of. I know that little girl. She is an amazing and beautiful little girl and not one of you has the right to make fun of a child!! And you all wonder where all this bullying comes from! you all should be ashamed!!! Grow up and act like adults!!!

  36. Derek on July 17th, 2012
  37. Nicole you are the only human. This is sick the comments grown adults are making about innocent children. You should all be ashamed! And heaven forbid any of you have a child with some type of disorder that affects their appearance. Maybe that’s what needed in order for you all to realize how disgusting you are!

  38. Amanda on July 17th, 2012

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