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“Hashtag”, “LIKE” or “Facebook” – Worst Baby Name?

Pictured above is the world’s youngest viral sensation, Hashtag Jameson, who recently climbed the ladder of internet fame and success before he’s even able to sit up. However, Hashtag isn’t the only child sporting an unusual, social media inspired name – in February 2011, an Egyptian man named his child ‘Facebook’ in honor of the role the social network played in the recent revolution. Fast forward a few months to May, 2011 and you have an Israeli couple who gave birth to a daughter they named ‘Like’ – of which, they give full credit to Facebook for inspiration.

So, which baby do you think will have it the hardest growing up? Vote in our poll below.

Which baby name is worse?

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12 Comments to “Hashtag”, “LIKE” or “Facebook” – Worst Baby Name?

  1. People that name their children bizarre names like that, should have their children taken from them and then be sterilized so they cannot reproduce again!

  2. Bob the LumberJack on December 7th, 2012
  3. They’re all going to have a rough time of it. I should know – I have a very unusual name and hate it!

  4. northerngirl on December 7th, 2012
  5. I thought names had to be apprived by the government? I remember reading about a baby born in china

  6. Tammy on December 7th, 2012
  7. There should be a fourth option on the voting because I think that these names are all equally stupid. I agree with Bob the LumberJack on what they should do with these douche bag parents.

  8. John on December 7th, 2012
  9. Far as I know you don’t need name approval in America. If you wanted to name your child Sunshine Starlight Mystic River Smith you could if you wanted to.

  10. Jami on December 8th, 2012
  11. Why do people in this world lack such common sense? Their poor kids are going to hate them for naming them stupid shit like that.

  12. PeopleMakeMeSick on December 9th, 2012
  13. What happens when Facebook and Twitter are superseded by new social media… Don’t think it can’t happen…remember a site called Myspace???
    If Facebook goes out of fashion, the pore child with the name Like will be called Unlike
    and the kid called Hashtag will get all sorts of nicknames like Hashtag Loser and Hashtag old school….The list will go on!
    I now understand why some countries have to approve names!

  14. Caroline on December 9th, 2012
  15. If it matters, its a girl.

  16. allyson on December 9th, 2012
  17. just another excuse for me to hate idiot parents.

  18. JD Storm on December 9th, 2012
  19. What do you expect from an illiterate? The mother can’t even spell. Check the msg. Pathetic.

  20. CanuckLulu on December 10th, 2012
  21. What the hell? I think the united states and Israel needs to have an approved name list like other countries.

  22. Kate on December 10th, 2012
  23. About 20 years ago this chick I knew named her baby daughter Abcde no shit ABCDE, pronounced Ab-sid-dee… she’s probably an emo by now or something.

    PS Notice the spelling on the original tweet.

  24. wtf on December 24th, 2012

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