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Proud Parents: IN THE NEWS

What’s worse than getting arrested for stealing a vehicle? Doing so while you left your 1 and 2 year old at home alone. That’s the story of Ashley N. May, who decided helping her friend Robert steal a Jeep was more important than looking after her own children. Click here for the full news story..


That’s Assault Brotha



In The News: Infant Dies From Heroin Overdose

Pictured above is Denise Manco, 35, left and Rondell Moore, 37, right, of Toms River, New Jersey. Currently being charged for the death of their 11 month old child in 2008, known only as “Baby JM”. Manco and Moore tried to ease the pains of teething for their child by putting heroin on his gums, resulting in the overdose that killed him. Click here to check out the full news story..


Proud Parents: In The News

Pictured above is 47 year old William Todd Lewallen, of Tulsa. Charged with child neglect, police arrived at his door after receiving a call from a neighbour that found his young daughter outside of the house crying, naked and cold. When William didn’t answer the door, the neighbour brought the child back to his house and called the police. What happened next is even worse.

Upon forcefully entering the home, they found the cage pictured above with an 18 month old baby inside, covered in her own feces. Moving through the home they found a 3 year old sleeping in another room with their father, William, who passed out from a drug and alcohol induced stupor. Click here for the full story..

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